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Notice of New Water Rates

Dear AMUD Customer,

For the past 25 years, the Surface Water and Treatment System, (SWATS) Plant has played a crucial role in providing a safe and reliable supply of water for Hood and Johnson County areas during periods of high demand.  This water treatment plant removes salt and other dissolved solids from Lake Granbury using ultra filtration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies.

Over the years, available groundwater supplies have not been able to keep pace with growth in the area, thereby increasing our dependence on treated surface water on more of a year round basis.

AMUD currently has a 45% capacity ownership in the 13.0 mgd facility, however through base loading our system with well water, our Operations and Maintenance (O & M) expense obligations (based upon total water produced at the plant) has historically been significantly less than 45%.

However this summer our partner entity in SWATS has begun replacing a portion of their demand through an alternate source of treated surface water, thereby reducing their need for SWATS water.  For this reason, the water needed by AMUD through SWATS represents a higher portion of total water produced at the plant, thereby requiring us to shoulder a larger portion of the plant O & M expense.  In order to cover at least a portion of the higher cost of service, a rate increase is needed at this time.

Despite this increase, our water rates remain among the lowest of the other water suppliers in Hood County. Below is the schedule of new water rates which will be reflected on your October billing.

There will be no increase in sewer billing at this time.

We at AMUD continue our pledge to you to provide safe, plentiful water at the lowest possible cost.


                                   SCHEDULE OF RATES

In District Water Rates                                     Current

Minimum                                                        $22.50

0 – 8,000 gallons                                            $4.10 per thousand

8,001 – 25,000 gallons                                    $5.00 per thousand

Over 25,000 gallons                                        $7.25 per thousand


In District Water Rates                                  Effective October 2014

Minimum                                                         $27.50

0 – 8,000 gallons                                            $4.35 per thousand

8,001 – 16,000 gallons                                   $5.40 per thousand

16,001 – 25,000 gallons                                 $6.25 per thousand

Over 25,000 gallons                                       $7.50 per thousand