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New Groundwater Fees Beginning in January

Beginning January 1, 2009 all retail watr providers, including AMUD  will be required to collect and pay a "water use fee" to fund operations of the newly formed Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (UTGCD).

The UTGCD was created in the 2007 State Legislative Session to manage and preserve the groundwater resources in Hood, Parker, Wise and Montague Counties, and was subsequently confirmed by voters in November of that year.  The new district has recently adopted temporary rules to begin management of local groundwater resources, and has adopted a "water use fee" of $0.22 per thousand gallons of water produced from wells by retail providers in 2009.

Beginning in January, you will see an additional line item on your bill entitled "UTGCD Fee" reflecting pass through charges on behalf of the groundwater district.  The amount charged will vary each month depending upon two factors:

The amount of water you use and, 

The total amount of well water produced by the District in any given month as compared to overall water sales for that month/

Based upon well water production estimates for next year, customers with average water consumption over the course of the year will be charged approximately $21.25 in 2009, or about $1.77 per month.