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Notice of New Water Rates

Dear AMUD Customer, 

This past Summer has provided us with two distinct weather extremes:  an abnormally wet May and June followed by our typically hot and dry July and August.  As we struggle to keep our landscaping alive we are often faced with “sticker shock” when the high consumption water bill comes due.  Acton Municipal Utility District (AMUD) provides a billing option designed to help eliminate the high summer bills with a program called “Average Monthly Billing”, in which your water consumption is averaged over a rolling 12 month period, thereby leveling out your monthly costs.  Enrollment period for this program is offered from October 1st to December 31st.  For more information, please visit our website at www.amud.com or call the office at (817) 326-4720. 

In carrying out our mission to provide safe, plentiful water and wastewater service, we are continuing to experience increased costs as we work to upgrade our water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure, as well as provide much needed improvements at our Surface Water and Treatment Plant.  As the cornerstone in our ability to provide an adequate supply of high quality water for our customers, the SWATS Plant removes salt and dissolved solids from Lake Granbury using ultra filtration and reverse osmosis technologies. 

We at AMUD continually strive to provide our services as efficiently as possible, however beginning with the October billing it will be necessary to initiate an increase of approximately 4.5% in the charge for water.  The revised charges are as follows: 



In District Water Rates                            Current

Minimum                                             $27.50

0 – 8,000 gallons                                   $4.35 per thousand

8,001 – 16,000 gallons                            $5.40 per thousand

16,001 – 25,000 gallons                           $6.25 per thousand

Over 25,000 gallons                                $7.50 per thousand


In District Water Rates                                  Effective October 2015

Minimum                                                           $28.80

0 – 8,000 gallons                                             $4.55 per thousand

8,001 – 16,000 gallons                                  $5.64 per thousand

16,001 – 25,000 gallons                                $6.53 per thousand

Over 25,000 gallons                                        $7.84 per thousand

With regard to residential sewer charges, the minimum charge and price per 1,000 gallons will not change, however the maximum cap will be increased from 6,000 gallons to 8,000 gallons.  Please note, if your winter average consumption for sewer is at or below 6,000 gallons, you will not see an impact on your sewer bill.

Many other water utilities in the area are experiencing similar increased costs of service as well.  Despite AMUD’s increases, our water and sewer rates remain among the lowest of the other suppliers in Hood County.