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Water System Update 02/19/2021

Follow link for Boil Water Notice still in effect

Good News!  Our water production capacity has improved significantly, and we are starting to pressure up portions of the distribution system.  Once elevated storage in the Acton/DCBE area begins to recover, we will be able to start sending water across the lake and into Indian Harbor (IH).  This is expected to begin occurring no later than Saturday morning.

As water pressure begins to improve, please practice conservation and use only what you need.  This will assist us in pressuring up all service areas as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that the Acton/DCBE and IH areas remain under a Boil Water Notice, so even after system pressure is returned to normal, please continue to boil your water before consuming it until we receive an “all clear” from our lab samples.  We will post an update when the boil water notice can be lifted.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this emergency situation.