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Schedule of Rates effective October 2017

As you may be aware, our Surface Water and Treatment System (SWATS) Plant plays a crucial role in our ability to provide an adequate supply of high quality water for our customers.  This facility removes salt and other dissolved solids from Lake Granbury using ultra filtration and reverse osmosis technologies.  Growth in the District is resulting in increased demand for water from this plant when compared to our traditional groundwater supply availability.  In addition, AMUD is taking possession of the City of Granbury's remaining portion of SWATS production capacity, which will help us meet future demands for this valuable resource.  This increased availabilty of water however requires AMUD to shoulder a larger portion of SWATS operation and maintenance expense moving forward.

Although we have been able to hold rates constant for the last 2 years, we continue to face increased costs in providing safe and dependable water service for our customers.  Beginning with the October billing, water rates will be increased by approximately 3%.

There will be no increase in sewer rates at this time.

For more information see Schedule of Rates effective October 2017 billing.